PRO FIXED GEAR CARBON WHEELS 3S-T Rear – 3 Spoke Tubular Carbon Wheelset; Curved Spoke; Time Trail Wheels

Fixed Gear Tubular Wheels 3S-T Rear

-Tri Spoke Full Carbon Wheels



Size: 700C
Weight: 1050+-20
Max Rider Weight: 150 kgs
Material: Toray T700SC
Surface Weave: 3K/UD Available
Finish: Glossy/Matte Available
Profile: Tubular
Depth: 88mm
Hub Type: Fixed Gear


1. Because does not provide options for choosing, after the order, please choose from the following order spec template and send back to us.

WEAVE:3K or UD(UD weave not in stock, will take 7 days to handle)

FINISHING:Matte or Glossy(Glossy finish not in stock, will take 7 days to handle)

2.The “.


Thermostability.jpgHigh-temperature Resistance Tech








To increase the Temperature Resistance for Tubularwheels, we use a special material when combining the carbon of the braking track, it increase the rim Temperature Resistance for about 80 Fahrenheit.
This means that our rims can last longer than ordinary carbon wheelrims with thespecial heat-resisted material. And this technologycan also help our rims tostandwearand tear,increase high-temperature resistant and brake force.




















Toray_T700.jpgFull Carbon Toray T700SC – Why we don’t do the cheapest?








Without saying, material is the most important for a rim.




There are 3 main places producing carbon fiber material – Japan, Taiwan and ChinaMainland. Toray in Japan is the biggest and best carbon producer in the world, weuse Toray T700SC from Toray for all of our rims.




Although Toray product price arealmost 2X than those from Taiwan and3X thanChinaMainland, comparing the durabilityand stiffness it brings, it’s definitely worth.



Specialized Package For World Wide Shipping



Shipping damage used to be a problem in the world wide delivery, in order to solve this, we design a new box with strong inside structure. It will protect your wheels from violently throwing and pressureon the long trip.


Inside the box, there is uniquely designed structure to fix the 2 wheels in position, so it can handle the strong shaking during the shipping.

The box may be damaged during the shipping, but you will get complete and brand new wheels finally.











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