ROAD CARBON RIMS CarbonBlade 20C – , Full Carbon Wheels;20mm Clincher/T700SC High Tensile Rims

Clincher Full Carbon Road Bike Rim CarbonBlade-20C

– & Full Carbon Rims


Profile: Clincher Road
Size: 700C
Depth: 20mm
SurfaceWeave: 3K/UDAvailable
Finish: Glossy/MatteAvailable
SpokesHoles: 20/24H;CustomCountAcceptable
SpokeHoleType: External
Weight: 395 g/pc
ERD: 603mm
MaxTirePressure: 125psi


Thermostability.jpgHigh-temperature Resistance Tech

To increase the Temperature Resistance for Clincher wheels, we usea specialmaterialwhen combining the carbon of the braking track, it increase the rim Temperature Resistance for about 80 Fahrenheit.
This means that our rims can last longer than ordinary carbon wheelrims with thespecial heat-resisted material. And this technologycan also help our rims tostandwearand tear,increase high-temperature resistant and brake force.


Toray_T700.jpgFull Carbon Toray T700SC – Why we don’t do the cheapest?

Without saying, material is the most important for a rim.

There are 3 main places producing carbon fiber material – Japan, Taiwan and ChinaMainland. Toray in Japan is the biggest and best carbon producer in the world, weuse Toray T700SC from Toray for all of our rims.

Although Toray product price arealmost 2X than those from Taiwan and3X thanChinaMainland, comparing the durabilityand stiffness it brings, it’s definitely worth.



60C_2D.jpgWe Make It – 35 layers in spoke hole side

For the spoke hole side, we use as many as 35 layers aiming to avoid cracking, the extra layers make the rims extremely stiff and .


We Make It Strong – 9 layers body

Carbon material is 8 times as strong as steel by weight,but is not so good at handlingimpact forces.So we mix 9 layers of the carbon material indifferentangles, a mixture of differentangles resemble a uniform material,and they makethe rim body resistantto allkinds of forces.



Specilized Package For World Wide Shipping



Shipping damage used to be a problem in the world wide delivery, in order to solve this, we design a new box with strong inside structure. It will protect your wheels from violently throwing and pressureon the long trip.


Inside the box, there is uniquely designed structure to fix the 2 wheels in position, so it can handle the strong shaking during the shipping.

The box may be damage during the shipping, but you will get complete and brand new wheels finally.








20tWe use High-Tensile T700C carbon for the majority of the lay-up. This gives the rim a very high strength with sufficient stiffness to cope with hard application of the wheels. So, rather than use a stiffer, but more brittle carbon type, we chose durability over ultimate stiffness. In some lay-ups we add some higher modulus sheets to increase stiffness locally.

We actually use multiple layers of different types of carbon. Only the outer layer is made from a 3K weave. Underneath this layer are layers of UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets. A mixture of different angles to resemble a uniform material. Because carbon fiber can handle tension very well, we have to mix up the layers to make the rim stiff and strong enough. Pressure is not a great feature of a fiber. Just think of a string being pushed). But when mixed correctly, the different angles interconnect through the resin to make it resistant to all kinds of forces.

The 3K has a slightly lower stiffness/weight ratio than UDF (Uni-Directional Fiber) sheets of equal fibers, but it makes up by giving the rims a bombproof feature. Why? Because when a strand (or multiple) gets cut in UDF, by crashing for instance, the sheet is compromised and the tear will expand through a larger part of the sheet at continuous workload. A weave will stop the tear because it is intervened by the crossing layer of strands .

Although it is not advised to ride with a ‘hole’ in your rims, situations can occur where you might not know of a damaged rim or it is not an option to stop right away. Then you have the extra safety of the 3K weave to get you home.


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